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File cabinets are an important part of any office, business premises or home as it helps to safeguard valuables, documents and more. It is vital to keep its key in a safe place always. But we tend to misplace or lose it and spend a lot of time rummaging for it. You may even think opening it by breaking or damaging the cabinet is the only possible way to access its content. But it is not so! You can hire a professional locksmith agency such as Miles East West AZ Locksmith Store to unlock the file cabinet with ease. Miles East West AZ Locksmith Store is a reliable locksmith firm in Tucson, AZ that takes care of all your lock and key issues and provides cost-effective solutions.

Securing your documents:

There are certain important documents either at home or work, which need to be kept safe from prying eyes. Be it tax records, bank details, business plans, medical reports, insurance papers, money or even jewelry - all these items need a secure place to be stored such as file cabinets. When you lose the keys to a cabinet, then the best possible way for unlocking file cabinets is to hire a professional locksmith service agency such as Miles East West AZ Locksmith Store.

Locks that we work with:

File cabinets require very sturdy and high-end locks to keep the valuables within safe. Hence, it is necessary to choose a perfect lock for the cabinet. The two main types of locks include key-based and keyless locks. There are several types of locks available for file cabinets including:

  • Tubular cylinder: These key-based locks comprise of exposed, horizontal pins that are turned by a key. These locks can be installed by drilling a hole in the cabinet by a professional locksmith.

  • Cam-type Lock: It is similar to tubular cylinder locks which are activated through a rotating bar mechanism.
  • Plunger-type Lock : It requires a key for opening but locking and relocking are done just by a push on the cylinder.
  • Keyless combination : These locks are electronic locks that totally eliminate the need for keys.

Miles East West AZ Locksmith Store is a name that you can trust for all file cabinet issues, from unlocking file cabinets to repairing. Here are some of our services:Miles East West AZ Locksmith Store Tucson, AZ 520-303-9745

  • File cabinet lock installation
  • Filing cabinet lock repairs
  • Lost key replacements
  • Depository safe upgrades
  • Re-keying cabinets

Lost your cabinet keys? For unlocking file cabinet services in the Tucson, AZ, reach Miles East West AZ Locksmith Store @ 520-303-9745